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Here are some of my done, ongoing and upcoming projects.

Woodworking business

MS Wood OÜ

I am proud to offer our clients the best quality playground sets possible, without costing them an arm and a leg. 

Welding equipment

Cleanwelds OÜ

Effortlessly clean heat coloring from stainless steel and more useful tools to come.

cleanwelds combined.jpg

Fun book about saving

1000 Ways to Save Money

I wrote this book after the 2007-2008 financial crisis, to possibly help some less fortunate people out.

Turned out it also was great for my own growth, over the 2 years of on-off development. One of my longest taking projects to date and it turned out great.

book covers redered.jpg

Coming soon

Invoicing Software

It will help to write up orders and invoices fast and turn them into pdf. Supports combining objects into kits.

It does not require internet, but it can download unit prices from online sources. Currently full support for english, estonian, russian, swedish and finnish languages.

access qdb.JPG
Coming Soon - currently at v0.947 beta state

DIY CNC router build

MS Wood OÜ

Had fun researching, designing and building my very own cnc router table, with auto adjustable z-axis pen holder and a laser engraver.

With a work area about 2.2m x 1.2m x 0.6m

Two of the many products i designed and produced with this tool, now our company aim has changed, but it's a nice step to remember, along the way.

Welding training system

Medium unannounced

I am working on a welding training system for new welders at school or just starting their careers.

This system will also be a great training ground for more experienced welders and a good resource for companies, saving time and money  on improving their workforce.

Custom Welding
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