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2016 - Present

Welding robot programming

Manufacturing streamlining

Koriks-Fiiber OÜ

Estonia, Harjumaa, Saue

I mostly keep the welding robot running, that I programmed and did the setup to.


A lot of IT support jobs come up, fixing computers, connection issues along with writing more efficient offline and online sofware for the office to use.  


Researching and implementing new and more efficient production systems.  


Spent a pretty decent time welding aluminium with MIG and stainless steel with TIG. 

I often get to create CAD drawings of variety of applications, some are to laser or CNC cutting other become new products, or upgrades that look better and cost less.  

I also train new welders and other skilled labor and setup machines for them to work with.

2014 - 2016

Welding & metalworking

Forman OÜ

Estonia, Tallinn

That company made large bandsaws for timber and also serviced them. 


I pretty much did everything there, cut them into lenght, welded them together, gave them the right shape under tension and etc.

It was a very precise job, even with the welding. I really had to get the right temperatures and also think ahead how much the metal would pull. They were also pretty thin 0,7mm to 1,4mm, but 6m to 12m long.

2013 - 2014

CNC operator

Softreflector OÜ

Estonia, Tallinn

Was mostly working on a CNC cutting machine, made some programs for it and ran the day to day operations.


It was a different pace for a change and allowed me to utilize my computer skills. Also did daily work with the forklift and few other machines.

2012 - 2013


Eurokraft Service OÜ

Estonia, Harjumaa, Saue

My job was to take new Scania and Man trucks along with pile of different type of metal and combine them according to clients wishes.


So I cut and bent sheet/tube metal, welded it together into road servicing dump trucks, with a multilift, 3 snow plows and a crane.

Some parts were ordered in and some were designed by an engineer. A lot had to be done on the spot, turning it into a fun and tricky job at times. Also I got to learn how to lift really big and heavy things with the ceiling crane and what not.

2011 - 2012

Military service

Estonian Defence Forces

Estonia, Tallinn

Obligatory service. We blew stuff up, ran in gas masks, shot some guns and other fun/not so fun stuff.

I was assigned to the headquarters unit. There I became a head chef for around 600 people and also the head mechanic for our section. Almost cooked for our president too, but he was late.


Fed few black bears though, so that's nice.

2009 - 2010


Linsarel OÜ

Estonia, Tallinn

That was my first real job after school. It was very educational and I loved to spend my time there, about 11 hours on average per day. 


It was challenging and we made tons of complex metal constructions, it was a new custom order almost every single day.

We did a lot of stainless steel work, built interior pieces for a ship, Oasis of the Seas. It was the biggest in the world at that time if i remember correctly.


So if you happen to take it for a cruise then do check out the dj booth, the kids theater and do ride the escalators, I did proud work on one of them.

2005 - 2008

Casual labor

AS Entek

Estonia, Harjumaa, Keila

I was young, a kid and it was my summer job for 3 summers, 3 months at a time.


It was pretty fun and also very educational, the shifts were a regular 8 hours. I trimmed grass, painted pipes in height, fixed car dents with plaster, managed and organized a big warehouse, worked on some electric cabinets and many more stuff.



2006 - 2009

TTHK - Trade school

Secondary education and welding


Learned welding, tehnical sheet reading/drawing, did some CAD work with SolidEdge, learned a lot about general metalworking, worked on a metal lathe machine 


Alongside all that, I learned more advanced basic subjects, got more fluent in languages and chased girls.

Past - 2006

General education

General education


My childhood, kindergarten days and school years from 1-9.


Was thought basic walking and talking, math, writing,  biology, chemistry, history, english, russian and few other really important things that I don't seem to recall anymore.  

Professional skillset

Entrepreneurial mindset

Enthusiastic about learning

Decent team managment

Always optimizing my workflow

High level skills   3/3

Welding TIG, MIG, SMAW

Welding steel, stainless & aluminium



Tehnical Sheet

Windows servicing etc. XP to 10

Computer assembly



Excel, Word, Outlook

MS Access




Proficient level skills   2/3

Davinci Resolve

C++, Java


Network setup & devices


Slackline walking

Adobe Premiere

Arduino development



Unity 3D, Unreal Engine 4



Decent level skills   1/3

C#, JavaScript

3DStudio MAX

Knife throwing

Adobe Illustrator



Estonian (native)

English C2

Russian A2

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